Time to be remembered.

Because let’s be frank, people have forgotten me. And it’s my own fault of course. Wrestling is about marketing yourself, your name, your brand, what you have to offer a promoter on his show. In recent months I kind of let that slip. Well no kind of about it, I did. Whether it was the injury last year, the frustration of not getting booked, seeing people booked and knowing I am better than they are, I was just blah on wrestling for a while.

Not so much now. Trying to start 2013 off in a good way wrestling wise and get back on shows, get back on the consciousness of bookers to bring in myself, Texas’ only cruiserweight otaku, Sebastion Envi.

I am working on a couple things though. Changing up my workout routine at the gym, looking at ways to change up my gear and just reviewing who I am and what I did before and what I can do differently for better results. You have to change and evolve right? I plan to.

I have a couple shows lined up soon, not nearly enough, but it’s a start. One of them is in Sherman for Texoma Pride Wrestling, which is an NWA affiliate now. I really want to get plugged into the NWA system so I am planning on making a good showing of myself for this show. As for others, just have to touch base and/or bother the shit out of promotions to see what I can to do get a shot with them. All I need is a match to show them what I can do.

Case in point…a couple of my most recent bits from RCW. It’s a promotion I like to work at because the crowd is great and interactive. Seems they are cutting back on who they book or something so I have to figure a way into some consistent work, that I was getting before breaking my leg/ankle on their show.

A good start to the year, but it’s going to get better.

Upcoming dates:

2/15 TPW – Sherman, TX

2/16 (possibly) TBD – Oklahoma

3/9 – NTWA – Seven Points, TX

3/16 – TOP – Mineral Wells, TX


~ by enviisbetter on February 12, 2013.

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